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Lastest company news about Happy cooperation with Courace friend 2024/05/09
Happy cooperation with Courace friend
  After a day, welcome Courace's friend again. Today is a surprising and happy day. Courace's friend visited us again, making our conversation more enjoyable and joyful. We became more familiar with each other and gained more trust.   After our introduction, there is a large electronic trading market in Shenzhen where various electronic products can be purchased. Courace went alone to explore the electronics market, but unfortunately, he couldn't find the product he needed because he was unfamiliar with his place and language. We are willing to assist him in finding the products he needs, and then directly contacted the nearby electronics factory to visit and talk with Courace.   After visiting the electronics factory and discussing it in detail, the overall situation was pretty good, and the products were also good. However, due to the current exchange rate increase and Courace having already ordered some products from other electronics companies, they have not yet placed an order at this factory. After visiting the electronics factory, we returned to our Haixincheng office for tea.   Upon arriving at the office, Courace discussed with us again in detail about ordering men's computer backpacks and men's leather shoes. He said he enjoys socializing and collaborating with enthusiastic friends. Because of our sincerity, he chose to work with us again, took some samples, and then returned to his country to explore more markets and work together to do bigger business.   We have reviewed the details of the electronic factory products again, and after careful consideration, Courace has decided to return the goods previously ordered from other sources and asked us to assist in communicating the refund issue with the merchant. Then we chose to visit the electronic factory products together. We were very pleased with his performance and explanation. He watched us busy with him and didn't want to make us sad, so he chose the factory we recommended for cooperation. We are truly touched. Our original intention was to help more friends, and we never thought of expecting anything in return. However, Courace's approach was truly heartwarming, and we are truly grateful.   The office of Haixincheng team is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen. If you plan to come to China, please feel free to visit us. We will warmly entertain you and if you need any help, please feel free to write to us. We will wholeheartedly assist you in solving your problems. Welcome everyone to visit again, Haixincheng team welcomes you.  
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Lastest company news about Let's gather at the 135th Canton Fair in 2024 2024/05/01
Let's gather at the 135th Canton Fair in 2024
  The Bridge of Trade - a series of large-scale exhibition activities for global promotion and supply procurement coordination at the Canton Fair. The 135th Canton Fair has officially kicked off. The Canton Fair is not only an international trade fair, but also a stage for cultural exchange and intellectual collision in the wave of globalization.   It is an honor to participate in this Canton Fair exhibition. As a representative exhibitor, we focus on serving every customer well and helping everyone solve problems. Because we know that many friends are visiting China for the first time and are not familiar with the language and environment, so they need more help. So our original intention was to help everyone gradually become better friends and partners.   We met many very friendly friends at this Canton Fair, which also allowed more friends to learn about our factory, production technology, and sales model. Won the trust of many friends from around the world and became partners. We are truly grateful and have always maintained the original intention of our enterprise: sincerity, kindness, gratitude, professionalism, efficiency, and innovation.   The Canton Fair was held smoothly, and all indicators reached new highs. A total of 246000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions attended the conference offline, an increase of 24.5% compared to the previous session, setting a new record. Among them, 160000 purchasers from countries jointly building the "the Belt and Road", an increase of 25.1%; The number of RCEP member countries is 61000, an increase of 25.5%; 52000 buyers from BRICS countries, an increase of 27.6%; 50000 European and American buyers. 226 multinational leading enterprises such as Wal Mart in the United States, Auchan in France and Tesco in the United Kingdom organized buyers to attend the conference.   The same exhibition scenery, unique boutique style. Thank you to friends from all over the country for coming together and creating value together. As a professional creative dream factory, the Haixincheng team looks forward to meeting everyone again next time. Our factory will continuously strive to innovate and produce more best-selling backpacks and shoes, and support customized OEM; Serve every customer with dedication. The company works together with customers to create a brilliant future.  
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Lastest company news about The International Canton Fair arrived as scheduled 2024/04/15
The International Canton Fair arrived as scheduled
  The China Import and Export Fair, abbreviated as the Canton Fair, was founded on April 25, 1957. It is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete variety of goods, the largest number of attending buyers, the widest distribution of countries and regions, and the best transaction results in China. It is known as the "first exhibition in China".   The theme of this year's Canton Fair is "serving high-quality development and promoting high-level opening up", and offline exhibitions will be held in three phases. On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) kicked off in Guangzhou.   This year's Canton Fair has seen a significant increase in scale again, with a total of 29000 participating companies, continuing the overall trend of becoming more lively year by year. According to media statistics, over 20000 overseas buyers flooded in just one hour before the opening of the museum, of which 40% were new buyers. At a time when the turmoil in the Middle East has raised concerns in the international market, the grand and lively opening of the Canton Fair has brought certainty to global trade.   The Canton Fair Import Exhibition has established a long-term and stable communication mechanism with more than 140 international trade institutions worldwide, and its international influence is increasing day by day. With foreign government trade institutions and industry associations as the focus, we will focus on cultivating potential exhibition resources of countries along the "the Belt and Road". Enterprises along the "the Belt and Road" have become the largest exhibitors of import exhibitions.   After more than ten years of development, the internationalization and specialization level of the Canton Fair Import Exhibition has significantly improved, and the functions of the multi-functional open platform have been continuously optimized. Looking at the present, the scale and consumption potential of the Chinese market are further unleashed, the market foundation of import trade is constantly expanding, and the Canton Fair Import Expo has entered a new era of high-quality development.   In recent years, the Import Expo of the Canton Fair has continuously optimized its theme structure in response to the new market situation of domestic consumption and industrial structure upgrading. It has also cultivated sub sectors such as infant and child products and daily chemical personal care, attracting enterprises and products from Italy, Germany, Poland, South Korea and other countries. The expansion of new themes provides a stage for more high-quality overseas products to enter the Chinese market, and also offers richer choices to meet the personalized, diversified, and differentiated consumption needs of the people.  
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Lastest company news about Mr. David from the UK visited our factory with his family 2024/02/28
Mr. David from the UK visited our factory with his family
Mr. David from the UK visited our factory with his family   Welcome Mr. David very much and thank you very much for his strong support from his friends. We have been working together for five years and have been making video calls on our phones. This time we finally meet. I am truly grateful. David's friend brought his wife and daughter to visit and even brought gifts to all of us. It was really touching.   In order to welcome David's friends and family, our company has specially arranged personnel to accompany them because it is my first time in China and I am very unfamiliar. In addition to visiting our factory, we also took them to participate in Chinese product exhibitions, visit some factories that he is interested in, and visit Chinese scenic spots.   Although the weather was not very good and it was raining, we couldn't resist the enthusiastic mood of moving forward. We even brought our daughter with us to play with David's friend's daughter, after all, children have children's ideas and fun. Everyone visited the famous amusement park in Shenzhen and tasted local cuisine, experiencing wearing Chinese Hanfu and having fun.   A week later, the David family will return to England. He expressed deep gratitude for our hospitality, and we have also signed contracts for more orders. He hopes to continue our long-term cooperation, win more business opportunities together, and make our career even greater.   We are honored and proud of this. We always adhere to our original intention. Integrity, sincerity, kindness, gratitude, efficiency, professionalism, and innovation. I believe that everyone chose to cooperate with us because of our original intention, and I also believe that we can create more benefits and business opportunities together. The world is vast, grateful for meeting you, and grateful for your support and trust in our factory. We will continue to work hard and create a better future together with everyone.  
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